Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission of VACD Ltd.:

VACD’s goal is to enrich the lives of children with disabilities in the poorest province of Sri Lanka; by easing their physical and intellectual impairments and providing them with skills to lead independent lives because of the severe shortage of proper infrastructure and support facilities for them in that region. 

To help these children achieve these aspirations; we provide their parents with training and guidance to endure with the challenges of caring for these children to become valuable citizens and be accepted by their communities.

To accomplish this mission; we engage with local communities, religious groups, businesses, government and medical authorities and through discussion, awareness programs and workshops strive to eliminate poverty, ignorance, discrimination, social isolation, vilification, incest and sexual abuse etc. while promulgating and encouraging communities to value, uphold and respect the rights of children with disabilities. 

Project Brief:

  • A pilot project was implemented at St Joseph’s College in the Bandarawela
    Education Zone, Uva Province, Sri Lanka with an operational period of 36
    months from Wednesday, 7th March 2012. This program has now
    expanded across many other schools within the education zone.
  • It is envisaged that the program will be extended to other areas within the
    Uva province once the pilot project has proved to be successful.
  • Funds for the program were and will be raised by soliciting donations from
    supporters and well wishes of the project. It is envisaged that the project
    will be self funding and self-operating by the end of the project’s
    operational period, with the support of the local community, well wishers,
    social and community organizations, and official sources. However, the
    project leadership team reserves the right to either extend or terminate
    the current program should such action be deemed necessary and
  • The program aims to promote physical, mental and social improvement for
    children with disabilities with the co-operation of their families, project
    facilities and various other resources and to increase access to basic
    education and other allied facilities. The program also aims to provide
    facilities to assist these children further their educational aspirations and
    develop their skills and talents in other disciplines such as art, drama,
    music and dance. Other aims of the program are to assist needy children
    and their families to improve their lifestyles, health and financial wellbeing
    and to bring together all individuals committed to assisting these
    disadvantaged children. The program seeks to increase community
    awareness of the legal rights of the children and their families and
    attempts to reduce and eventually eliminate all social biases and stigma
    within the community and society towards children with disabilities and
    their families.
  • The short-term aims of the project is to address the immediate problems
    and needs of the children with disabilities in consultation with their
    parents, teachers, medical authorities and officials from the Department of
    Education and to collect data, provide healthcare and prepare health
    records of children, collect details of their families and conduct ongoing
    assessments of key disadvantages and needs of these who may need
    special attention. The immediate focus is to provide appropriate solutions
    to these difficulties with the assistance of the project group and other
    supporters of the program.
  • The medium-term aims of the project is to create a favorable learning
    environment for the children and to enhance the facilities at St Joseph’s
    and other schools to enable the enrolment of a larger number of students
    who presently cannot be accommodated for want of more and suitable
    facilities. The program also envisages to address the special needs of the
    children and their families, educate the parents and the public and to
    provide other forms of support for the parents and the immediate families.
    The program seeks to from “parent Groups” and provide children who
    might need special care and assistance with support while identifying,
    fostering and promoting children with special abilities, talents and skills.
  • The long-term vision of this program is to ensure that the project endures
    with very little outside assistance after its initial impetus and that the
    project will be sustained with family and community assistance and
    commitment thereafter. Also, once this pilot project proves to be
    successful, the program will be extended to other parts of the district,
    province and the country.