EAP Program

Educational Assistance Program (EAP): 

The EAP is extended to children with disabilities who display academic potential, or in the case of a child not intellectually gifted assistance is extended to a gifted sibling in the hope that the latter would be able to support and care for his/her less able brother/sister in the future.

Each child will be given approximately Sri Lanka Rupees 2,000 per month deposited to a savings account at the National Savings Bank in the child’s name, to be used strictly for educational purposes.

Regular monitoring of the children’s progress in school ensures their academic performance standards are maintained.

Parents and guardians of the children receiving this allowance are required to account for how the funds were deployed on a monthly basis by producing receipts in support of these expenditures, in order to prevent the misuse of funds.

A quarterly evaluation, audit and review is conducted by the “Educational and Training” parents’ committee and members of the Board, with a report on their findings submitted to VACD Ltd Australia. 

Sponsorship cost per child per month is Australian Dollars 20 or Sri Lanka Rupees 2,000.