News 26 April 2014

Dear All,
Our charity continues to gain tremendous upward momentum, in particular since early this year, thanks to the tireless efforts and dedication of the local medical authorities, parents, volunteers, government officials and the local community. We are acutely ware that all these  achievements were made possible primarily due to your generous donations and ongoing support for the children. We are deeply thankful for your continued support and also wish to convey the deep appreciation and thanks from parents of the children, the doctors and their staff and our volunteers from the Uva province in Sri Lanka.

  • Please review the updates on the team and latest photographs. The recent reconfiguration of the VACD team was done specifically to give greater emphasis towards parent participation in the charity so that we can encourage and empower the parents of our children to gain valuable leadership skills and ultimately take full responsibility for the day to day running of the charity, with administrative support from the VACD leadership and crucial guidance being provided by the Project Consultation and Advisory team. 
  • The Paediatric Clinic at the base hospital Diyatalawa and the new VACD funded Clinic at the Bandarawela Paediatric Ward continue to provide our children with regular medical examinations, therapy and treatment while the newly opened VACD Centre at 48, Vishaka Mawatha, Bandarawela, provides vocational training for the children and their parents, as well as life skills training, computer training and facilities for reading and development of special skills such as sewing, knitting, painting, dancing, music etc.
  • The Director of Industries Development, Badulla has offered to provide training and equipment to the parents to engage in cottage industries and also to purchase and market their produce.
  • The Uva Provincial Medical Authorities have agreed in principle to grant VACD a parcel of land in the Bandarawela District Hospital area sufficient to build a centre with modern facilities to service the entire province. This centre will combine the facilities now provided at the clinics and the VACD centre, including a variety of other facilities that are typically found in modern global centres such as this. We have had detailed discussions with the medical authorities in Diyatalawa and  Bandarawela, Provincial Director of Health Services, Uva Province, Secretary to the Ministry of Health Uva Province  and her team and the Governor Uva Province, who agreed that the relevant authorities will incorporate the VACD proposal to establish an all-inclusive centre in their master plan to expand and re-develop the Bandarawela District Hospital. This master plan is anticipated to be presented by the end of May 2014 to the Federal Ministry of Health for approval. The VACD project proposal was presented and  handed over to the Secretary to the Ministry of Health – Uva Province on Wednesday, 2nd April and was warmly accepted by all concerned.   
  • We will continue to keep you closely informed of progress being made on all fronts on a regular basis.
  • Please continue to support us in this worthy cause because we are the only hope for these children and their families.


Many thanks, best wishes and warm regards...Felix & Yasmin Stephen

Project Sponsors
Volunteers to Assist Children with Disabilities