June 2018 Newsletter

What we are proud of:

We are proud to announce that through the diligence of the Sri Lanka leadership team, the VACD centre in Bandarawela has reduced less important administrative expenses from 13% of total expenses during the 2015/16 financial year, 9% during 2016/17 and now to a new low of 3%. Donors and supporters would be delighted to know that virtually all their funds directly benefit disabled children and the painstaking reduction in costs has not compromised the services and facilities we deliver to our children. 


Family Assistance Program (FAP):

We find that quite a few VACD families (single parent and single income) are finding it extremely tough due to the soaring cost of living, to meet their daily expenses for basic household needs and medication.  After receiving several appeals for assistance, the VACD Family Finance & Budgeting Committee have vetted these applications and have identified some of the neediest low-income families for whom it would be compelling to give a small monthly allowance to ease their burdens. 

Please consider making a monthly payment of A$25 (or equivalent) to sponsor a family, all of which will go directly to that family.  You may set up a standing order with your bank for monthly payments or pay a lumpsum for the year/6 months/period of your choosing.

Please continue your important financial support:

With the end of the Australian financial year fast approaching it is a most opportune time to donate to VACD, either by credit card, PayPal, direct transfer or even through the Good Company website, where you can make a salary sacrifice and if your employer has a gift matching policy enhance this donation. Please visit the VACD website: http://www.vacd.org.au/  for all payment options and more information on VACD. 

As VACD has been awarded the Deductible Gift Recipient status, our official receipt entitles Australian tax payers to claim a tax rebate.

Collaborative Partner news:

Foundation of Goodness (FoG):

FoG is in the process of establishing a Village Heartbeat Centre in Bandarawela, where VACD have been invited to send eligible parents and children to follow vocational training in a variety of skills.  FoG will reciprocate by referring children with disabilities to VACD.



Left photo: entrance to the FoG building in Bandarawela and right photo: an inside view of one of the rooms.

A Tuk-Tuk ride from Jaffna to Colombo from 26th July to 6th August is being organised to raise funds to establish and administer (for 3 years) a FoG Village Heartbeat Centre in Moneragala, where it is envisioned about 750 children, youth and women will receive educational and vocational training.  For more information and to support FoG, please visit :https://www.doinggoodrewards.com/campaign/2018-oyob-tuk-tuk-ride-funding-the-moneragala-village-heartbeat-center-for-3-years/16

Australia Sri Lanka Medical Aid Team (AuSLMAT):

Dr. Quintus De Zylva (Consultant Physician) and his AuSLMAT colleagues are once again due to undertake one of their annual humanitarian missions (that began post Tsunami 2004) to Sri Lanka in July, and for the very first time have included in their hectic itinerary a visit to the District Hospital, Bandarawela in the Uva province on Thursday, 12th July resulting from our collaborative partnership. AuSLMAT will be donating equipment, delivering lectures and conducting clinics at the Bandarawela hospital. Dr. Amitha Sumanasekara – Assistant Secretary (Medical Services) Ministry of Health – Uva will be coordinating the AuSLMAT visit to the Bandarawela hospital.




Left photo: New building at the Bandarawela hospital presently under construction can be seen on the right of this photo and the main entrance to the hospital is seen in the photo on the right.

Please visit:  http://auslmat.org/ for more information and to support their mission.


Please share this newsletter with your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues so that together we can make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities and our humanitarian mission a success.

Our sincere thanks to all of you for your continued invaluable support, guidance, counselling and assistance and for being part of this incredible, challenging and immensely rewarding journey. Shall stay in close touch. Best wishes and warm regards…. Felix


Felix Stephen

Chairman of the Board of Directors - VACD Ltd. Sydney – Australia -