Jan 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 VACD Newsletter

We wish our sponsors, supporters, collaborative partners, staff, volunteers, fellow colleagues and well-wishers, the very best in 2019 and over the coming years!!!

News Flash!!! - Opening of the VACD Badulla centre:

We are delighted to inform you that the VACD centre in Badulla (capital of the Uva province) has been established and we are presently in the process of furnishing and equipping this centre.

It was decided that we proceed with opening of the Badulla centre first, followed by the Welimada centre later in the year. The availability of suitable premises in Badulla and the enthusiasm and passion shown by parents of children with disabilities in the Badulla area to have a centre of their own persuaded the local leadership team to recommend this strategy to us. The centre will be known as "Dora Jeanne Centre for Children with Disabilities" and is located at: No. 23, Keppetipola Road, Badulla.

Relocation of the VACD Bandarawela centre:

The main VACD centre in Bandarawela will be relocated around mid-February and will be known as "Sir Robert Clark Centre for Children with Disabilities". The new location is: No. 49 A, Springwaththa, Vishaka Mawatha, Bandarawela

Visitors to the VACD Bandarawela centre in December:

It was wonderful to have friends and family visit our main centre in Bandarawela during December although being school holidays, the children were not present. Mrs. Haleen Sookoor (VACD Australia Communications & Administrative Secretary Yasmin’s sister), her husband Maas and sons Mikhail and Azeem from Dallas Texas paid the centre a flying visit during their holiday, bearing gifts for our children. They met and spent time with our dynamic and energetic VACD Sri Lanka secretary – Colonel Kumarasinghe.

Left photo: Azeem, Maas, Haleen and Mikhail. Right photo: Haleen, Maas, Colonel Kumarasinghe, Mikhail and Azeem with gifts for our children.

Pictured above are VACD Sri Lanka Secretary Colonel Kumarasinghe and Mr. Nuvan Athukorala – close family friend and long-time supporter of our mission from Sydney Australia visiting the VACD centre in Bandarawela during his holiday.

Training workshop for our Young VACD Club members:

We are delighted that Ms. Amalie Abayesundara – MSc (HRM), MBA (U.K.), ACPM a volunteer trainer on career guidance and skills development for youth has offered to conduct a training workshop for our Young VACD members and suitable children with disabilities in leadership, motivation and special skills in Bandarawela.

Amalie is a qualified and experienced professional with extensive experience in organisational development through Learning & Development. The objective of our workshop is to provide an opportunity for individual personal development, skills enhancement and generating a positive attitude to change in a world that is undergoing rapid transformation. We believe that those who are well equipped, creative and properly trained stand a better chance of being successful in a world of mounting uncertainties yet full of opportunities.

How can you be part of our mission and help our children and their families?

There are three specific areas that need your sponsorship and support:

  1. Family Assistance Program (FAP) - A$ 20 or equivalent per month;
  2. Educational Assistance Program (EAP) - A$ 20 or equivalent per month;
  3. Nutrition Program Initiative (NPI) - Flexible

Please reach out to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you decide to support/sponsor all or any of these initiatives.

Please share this newsletter with your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues so that together we can make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities.
Our sincere thanks to all of you for your continued invaluable support, guidance, counselling and assistance and for being part of this incredible, challenging and immensely rewarding journey.

Many thanks, best wishes and warm regards…. Felix

Felix Stephen

Chairman of the Board of Directors - VACD Ltd. Sydney – Australia - http://www.vacd.org.au/

Member of the Advisory Board – VACD USA – http://www.vacdusa.org/

Member of the Advisory Board – VACD Sri Lanka

Senior Associate – Cognoscenti Group – Sydney – Australia- http://www.cognoscenti.global/

Consultant - Investment Committee - Lonsec - Sydney – Australia - https://www.lonsec.com.au/

Member of Investment Committee - Arrive Wealth Management - Brisbane – Australia - http://brisbane.arrivewealthmanagement.com.au/

Consultant - Global Financial Market Investment Research & Investment Strategy

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.