September 2019 Newsletter - Part 2

VACD September 2019 Newsletter - Part 2

Sri Lanka Auditor General’s Report

The Sri Lanka’s Auditor General’s report presented recently to the Committee of Public Accounts highlights that needs of children with disabilities have not been satisfactorily addressed by government programs to deliver education, medical and vocational training.

Another report states that according to national census only 62% of special needs children receive education, while 34% receive no education whatsoever and only 1% receive vocational training. However, this report fails to mention that a significant number of children receiving education do not receive specifically formulated education for children with a variety of disability challenges.

While these facts and figures are disheartening, these reports serve to corroborate what government officials and medical authorities have been telling us all along – that they need our help to provide specially designed facilities for children with disabilities as they do not have the resources, facilities or the means to do so.

We have been aware of this situation and have been working tirelessly, with your support, to address and rectify these shortcomings over the past 8+ years.

Please control+click on these links to read the two reports in full:

Dental and Optical Clinic in Badulla Clinic

We applaud and thank VACD Sri Lanka Board’s dynamic Director Deshamanya Kumarawansa - Coordinator Badulla Zone & Director-in-charge of VACD Badulla for his untiring efforts in organising a clinic through the local Lion’s Club, at which all registered VACD children from the Bandarawela and the Badulla centres received free optical and dental attention at the Dora Jeanne Centre for Children with Disabilities in Badulla. Our sincere thanks also go out to the medical specialists for their invaluable pro bono services, members of Lion’s Club of Badulla and all those who assisted in this program.

Congratulations and well done to Mr Matt Levy OAM

VACD Ambassador and Australia Board Member Mr Matt Levy – O.A.M recently achieved a Bronze medal at the recent 7th Para World Swimming Championships held in London.

Matt Levy (third from right) and his 4x100 freestyle Australian relay team colleagues

Nutrition Program

Following on from reports of children who attended our VACD centres bringing meagre lunches on the days we do not provide a nutritional meal, we now serve nutritious meals to our children on 4 days, instead of the earlier 2 days at both VACD centres.

Please do consider supporting this program so that we may sustain and be able to provide nutritious meals to our children every day – this may be the only wholesome meal that these children receive for the day.

Family Assistance Program

Our Sri Lanka board members have reported receiving several requests for assistance from families who are suffering financial distress, and in response we launched our Family Assistance Program (FAP) appeal.

Please control+click on the link for our webpage/newsflash for more details:

Although we are delighted to have received some offers of sponsorships following our appeal, we require more sponsors as this is a self-funding program and support required is quite sizeable. In other words, as and when we receive a committed sponsor, a family on the prioritised and vetted list of needy families will be allocated this monthly allowance.

Please join us on this benevolent journey:

Please reach out to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and support our initiatives and share this newsletter with your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues so that together we can make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities, one by one!!!

Our sincere thanks to all of you for your continued invaluable support, guidance, counselling and assistance and for being part of this incredible, challenging, immensely rewarding and fulfilling journey.

Many thanks, best wishes and warm regards…. Felix

Felix Stephen

Chairman of the Board of Directors - VACD Ltd. Sydney – Australia -
Member of the Advisory Board – VACD USA –
Member of the Advisory Board – VACD Sri Lanka
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