Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Volunteers to Assist Children with Disabilities Limited (USA) Inc. Board, Administration and Volunteers

This Code of Conduct has been introduced to safeguard the rights of children with disabilities and to provide them with a safe and secure environment that enables the VACD Ltd. Board, Administration and Volunteers to carry out their duties and responsibilities in a safe, competent, ethical and transparent manner so as to avoid any form of future litigation, loss of reputation or personal harm to all concerned. The strict adherence to these guidelines will go a long way to secure, safeguard and enhance the reputation and public trust of VACD Ltd. and make it conducive for us to collectively achieve our aims, objectives, mission and vision for disabled children and their families.

1. All VACD Ltd. Board, Administration and Volunteers, while in the process of communicating, interacting and engaging with children, parents and carers’ must demonstrate a high degree of respect, understanding and appreciation for the unique value and human potential in each child, and of the circumstances, difficulties and challenges faced by family members and carers’ as they cope with these children;

2. All VACD Ltd. Board, Administration and Volunteers must demonstrate the highest standards of honesty, professionalism and personal integrity in all of their dealings with each other or external parties, in order to inspire trust and confidence in each other, the public, in the children, their families, carers’ and the broader community; 

3. All VACD Ltd. Board, Administration and Volunteers must honour and respect the diversity in race, religion, political alliances, culture, language and all other differences among each other, the public, the children, families, carers’ and the broader community and not behave in a manner that is disrespectful, harmful or detrimental to VACD Ltd. or to others;

4. Any VACD Ltd. Board member, member of the Administration team or Volunteer should notify the VACD Ltd. Board, within reasonable period of time, which in this case will be determined to be one calendar month from the event, any instances of errors, incompetence or inappropriate behaviour on the part of a VACD Ltd. Board member, member of the Administration team or a Volunteer, child or family member that may compromise the safety of another, lead to litigation or bring disrepute to VACD Ltd.;

5. All VACD Ltd. Board, Administration and Volunteers must be responsible for safeguarding confidential and personal information stored in the VACD database while communicating in written, verbal or electronic format with internal or external sources, unless required by law enforcement agencies;

6. All VACD Ltd. Board members, members of the Administration team or Volunteers must disclose any personal gifts over the value of A$ 300 or above or its equivalent received by them in the course of discharging their duties and this information should be recorded in a ‘Register of Gifts’ to be maintained by the Board of VACD Ltd. and available for periodic scrutiny, review and audit by any or all members of the Board;

7. All VACD Ltd. Board members, members of the Administration team or Volunteers should not encourage, condone, facilitate or agree to VACD Ltd. funds being given to salaried state sector or private sector employees whose official responsibility is to support VACD Ltd. programs, projects and activities in the normal course of discharging their official responsibilities and duties. Any exceptions to this code of conduct must be approved by the VACD Ltd. Board;

8. All VACD Ltd. fundraising activities will be the sole responsibility of the VACD Ltd. Board and any exception to this rule requires explicit prior approval from the VACD Ltd. Board; 

9. The VACD Ltd. Board and administration must obtain written consent from any person or persons, their parents or guardians prior to the publication of their photographs or any promotional or publicity material internally or externally;

10. The VACD Ltd. Board and administration must ensure that apart from the leadership, parents and teachers, no volunteers or well-wishes are permitted to spend time alone with a child or take a child away from the others without the prior consent of the parent, carer or the VACD Ltd, leadership;

11. The VACD Ltd. leadership should ensure that at least 2 parents, guardians or VACD Ltd. team members, in unavoidable circumstances, accompany a child who needs to be taken away from the others, in the absence of a teacher, parent or guardian;

12. The VACD Ltd. leadership must ensure that engaging in rough play and physical touching of the children is to be avoided; also doing things such as helping a child with clothing which the child could be reasonably expected to do him/herself must be monitored closely by responsible members of VACD Ltd.;

13. The VACD Ltd. Board, Administration or Volunteers must refrain from giving drugs or inappropriate substances to the children in their care; 

14. All VACD Ltd. leadership and Volunteers must at all time refrain from making inappropriate comments, even in fun about the children, their families, carers or communities from which they hail;

15. The VACD Ltd. Board must maintain a register of all visits made by Board members, Administration team members or Volunteers to homes of children. Any visit to homes of children must be done by a minimum of 2 VACD Ltd. members or volunteers;

16. The information recorded in this register must include:

  • Names of the VACD Ltd. persons or volunteers making the visit;
  • Date and time of visit;
  • Name of person being visited;
  • The purpose of the visit;
  • The address and contact details of the person being visited;
  • Whether the visit had been arranged earlier;
  • Who were the family members and details of all other persons present at the home while the visit was made; 
  • The time the visit was concluded;
  • The mode of transport used for the visit;
  • All key points discussed during this visit;

This register must be reviewed and signed off by a delegated person of VACD Ltd. Board and tabled at the next VACD Ltd. Board meeting after such a visit.  

17. All property of VACD Ltd. including intellectual and promotional property belongs solely to the company and should not to be abused or misused by any VACD Ltd. member or volunteer for their personal benefit or for the benefit of any of their friends, family members or associates;

18. Any VACD Ltd. member or volunteer who leaves the charity voluntarily or involuntarily must agree not to act in a manner that brings VACD Ltd. or its members or volunteers to disrepute and agree not to use intellectual or any other property belonging to VACD Ltd. for the benefit of a similar or competing organisation up to and including a period of three years from the time of leaving;

19. VACD Ltd. reserves the right to dismiss, prosecute or discharge any VACD Ltd. member or volunteer who deliberately and/or knowingly violates the above codes of conduct.